10 Easy Nail Art Designs for Short Nails Step by Step at Home

10 Easy Nail Art Designs for Short Nails Step by Step at Home

Today we present you with different ideas to decorate your short nails with esy nail art designs for short nails step by step at home. The perfect type of nail art meant for you is DIY. This nail art possess nail designs so easy, perennial and interesting that you can even perform at your home. This nail art will leave you with spectacular results that will leave you more envious of the long nails.

Once upon a time, it was not uncommon for women to have beautiful nails longer length. Moving rapidly to today where there are many more women in the workforce and longer nails are not necessarily always practical. Keeping them up for one thing can be quite hard work itself. On top of that, we also have to worry about breaking them and scratching them. To add to this, if your work is manual or even working on a computer, that sometimes it is just not realistic to be able to do your job with long nails.

Thankfully though when we do want luscious long finger nails we can get fake ones these days, if the occasion should call for it. However that is not what we are discussing today. We would like to take a look at how even with short or regular length fingernails, you can still decorate them to look flattering and beautiful. From basic styles to more creative and unique styles – we take a look at 10 Easy Nail Art Designs for Short Nails.

1. Tri Color Cliffs Nail Art

Tri Color Cliffs Nail Art

This nail art is super simple and is the perfect choice for someone who is just starting out. You don’t need any extra tools apart from your nail polishes for this one.

2. Bow Nail Art Tutorial

Bow Nail Art Tutorial

Now that you’ve gotten the hang of doing nail art with just the nail polish, it’s time to start adding tools to the pretty picture! This is also an incredibly simple nail art that you can easily do! It’s very casual so it can be worn at all times.

3. Splatter Nail Art Tutorial

Splatter Nail Art Tutorial

his one is for the artist in you. You can create a fun paint splatter pattern using just a paintbrush!

4. Chevron Nail Art Tutorial

Chevron Nail Art Tutorial

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. This may seem complicated, but the best part is, it’s actually easy. For the tutorial, red, white and blue were used but the choice of colors is all up to you!

5. Glitter V-Tip Nail Art Tutorial

Glitter V-Tip Nail Art Tutorial

Is there a party around the corner? You probably had plans of going to the salon to get your nails done, but something else popped up, and now, you’re short on time with your nails undone.

6. Galaxy Nails

Galaxy Nails

These nails are out of this world! I love anything to do with space. In fact, one of my favorite genres of books and films is sci-fi so it’s no wonder that this nail art made it o this list.

7. Stripes and Lines Nail Art Tutorial

Stripes and Lines Nail Art Tutorial

These fun geometric patterns add a little something to your nails and are super easy to do. You need a little patience for this one, but the outcome is worth it!

8. Pastel Daisies Nail Art Tutorial

Pastel Daisies Nail Art Tutorial

Ready to step up your nail art game? This honestly looks so pretty, I’m tempted to try this one out on my nails! I’m weak for anything pastel so this one is straight up my alley as far as nail arts are concerned.

9. Nautical Nails

Nautical Nails

A fan of sailing and the vast open waters? Then this nautical nail is probably perfect for you. And if for some reason you don’t like the ocean, that’s okay because this still makes for a really cute nail design.

10. Monochrome Polka Dots Nail Art Tutorial

Monochrome Polka Dots easy Nail Art designs for short nails step by step at home

Let’s finish off this list with an easy one, shall we? I love this one! Anything monochrome is my cup of tea. This black and white polka dots nail art is another cute one which can be achieved with minimal effort.

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