10 Extra Ordinary Hand Printed Nail Art Designs

10 Extra Ordinary Hand Printed Nail Art Designs

Every woman in the world wants to be trending and stylish. So, here are the 10 extraordinary hand printed nail art designs to spot easy to do floral designs on the nails. The floral designs look in an amazing way where your nails look in gorgeous and they are easy to put on. There are some things required to do these amazing floral hand painted nail art so that you can try it and have fun.

Get these materials first for amazing Hand Printed Nail Art Designs

  • Base coat ( Optional)
  • White Nail Polish
  • A Pink Nail Polish
  • A Magenta Nail Polish
  • Silver Nail Polish
  • Sponge
  • Acrylic Paints in white, black, purple and blue
  • Glitter polish
  • Transparent Top Coat

Design 1

First, you have to use some base coat to protect your nails from acrylic colors. Coat with silver color and after drying it coat with pink color. Then you must take magenta nail polish on a palette and leave it for 2 minutes to dry. Then Take Glitter nail polish and give it on all over the nails and then white nail polish with thin nail art brush. Give the outline shape of flowers likewise paint up as demarcations of petals. Then apply some glitter colors with a toothpick that gives you amazing design.

Design 2

This Nail Art is only for girls which are very colorful with leopard prints. As per your wish, you can use varies types of shades and combinations for this funky designs. For this nail art, neon shades also look in an amazing way.

Design 3

This Nail Art is very traditional French Manicure nails that show offs the long nails. This Glittery nail art design is the right choice and the base color must be done with a light color to look it in an amazing way.

Design 4

The above nail art that has shown is done with multi colored that looks trendy. The colors for this nail art can be opted as per your wish and it is better suited for only long nails.

Design 5

The colors that are used in this nail art designs are funky and trendy. It has come up with very innovative and the main trick is to neatly brush all colors and combine them to give up bright look. But make note that using too many colors is also a disaster.

Design 6

Here comes the bright floral art on the black nail polish looks amazing. The black color is coated because it is highlighted both the color and the design on it as well. The dull color also comes with shiny come out well in the shiny black base.

Design 7

This is the wonderful nail art designs which are the shades of peacock feather that makes the nail art look lively and it has grasped a huge number of audience attention. The color combination is excellent and the feathers of peacock colors are amazing.

Design 8

This nail art is suited for short nails which are the uniform checkered print looks cute on small nails. Pink and associated colors that are used in the nail art designs looks wonderful. You must make a note to use right color shades to look the design turn into a disaster.

Design 9

Polka dots, Stripes and fern prints are mostly used because it gives unique look and more attractive. The color combination is very vibrant and it does not take much time to do this type of nail art. It is funky that gives new look to the parties.

Design 10

The Jeweled nail art deign is wonderful and filled in a square shape is added benefits. It shows off the space on your nails and gives a different attire to nails.

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