10 Glitter Nail Arts for Sparkly, Shiny and Shimmery Manicure

You need some nail designs which are very inspired and that are Sparkly, Shiny and Shimmery. Hands are the most beautiful part of the human body where it is given important to nails is they are maintained properly. You have to specially clean and give them new attire when there are any functions or weddings etc. Glitter nail art is creative designs that are nailed to look them awesome. Here go some of the eye-catching Glitter Nail Art Designs for Sparkling, Shiny and Shimmery Manicure.

1. Fun-Fetti

This is an awesome design where the nails are applied with pink color. Start with a Belgium Pink Coat Base that gives very different attire to nails which are most eye-catching one. After the finish up with smattering multi-colored sprinkles-like glitter gains the attention of everyone.

2. Not-So-Basic-French

This design for favorite for many of the people and grasp attention as well. You must start with a regular French and wait for it until too dry and then start painting over the third of each nail with sparkling gold color polish.

3. Crystal Magic

Pastels are generally consigned to springtime yet darker days known for lightening up. To make a comparable Easter Egg ombre, paint the plan onto a cosmetics wipe, and after that press it onto every nail. Improve the lower half of every nail with brilliant sparkles, glitters, and rhinestones.

4. Ruby Slippers

This Pink color glitter nail polish gives different attire and grasps the attention of the audience. It is less ambitious one and this Ruby slipper is the eye-catching designs in wedding etc. This is something called as Straight up sparkling crimson enamel.

5. Marble Magic

It your nail art wants to look in fancy mode then recreate this expensive looking design. It is very unique and awesome design which is done with nail stickers and a gold flame. You can finish this nail art polish painted along with cuticle. It gives a unique look and gives a new attire to nails.

6. Put a Ring on it

This design is very easy and naturally done which can be applied to school so that it looks simple. At Rodarte, Tracylee has given up this cool for school girls wear for school. This nail art is done almost on the edges of nails. First, you have to apply a base coat and then on the edges, give an simple line with golden lacquer.

7. Tie a Ribbon

With this ribbon adorn design, you must go through a gift theme. Firstly, you must apply a base coat of opaque color nail polish as per your wish. Then by using shiny gold ribbons on the each nail using a nail pen that looks amazing and will be an eye-catching design.

8. Disco Ball

This is the most sparkle and glitter designs that look wonderful in the long nails. First of all, you have given a base coat with a backdrop of shimmery black polish and then apply all the multiple crystals in a rainbow of colors.

9. Gilded Nude

You must sparkle up by the neutral polish and accent the tips with cuticles and meticulously done with golden spangles. It gives different and unique attire with sparkle and glitters.

10. Gilt Complex

This is a stunning design that stays gold with the arty idea. First of all paint an abstract design in black on top shiny gilded base and the extend the luxe on the middle figure as shown in the picture.

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