10 Party Nail Art Designs For The Party Hopping You

Party Nail Art Designs

Party Nail Art designs

Your beauty kit for the holidays could have a lot of basic things and spectacular things. But it is necessary that the nail art ideas of festivity bring the missing razzmatazz.

Whether it’s a sequined coat or a burning red, nail art designs are much more than you ever thought. There are dark blues and blacks, deep reds, even sparkling greens to create a party rage. Do not forget the glow in the dark.

Party Nail Art at Home

If you want your fingers as well as toes to look trendy and stay in the limelight, skip colors in nail designs at home that make them hungry for attention and love.

Discover party nail ideas to make your party hotter than ever. And do not forget to share them with your long lost friends and friends. For all you know,


What is Party Nail

That is an interesting question. Well, a fingernail nail is acquired whenever you choose a solid color for eight of your fingers, and a unique “festive” color for just one finger of each hand.
The trick is to use the same color of nails on your two fingers, otherwise there will be no doubt.

nail arts

However, some interesting variations have appeared in the nails you would like. Here we share the pleasure of the fingernails at home.

1. Two Tone Nails

As the name suggests, you should choose two colors of nails and apply them on your nails expertly, so that there is no gap.


2. Yellow Ombre Manicure

See the soft yellow discoloration at the tip of the nails mixing in white when you are heading towards the base of the nails.


3. Rainbow Glitter

Tell me which girl would shy away from this rocking rainbow glitter nail art. Some party nail ideas are so much filled with energy and colour, and rainbow glitter happens to be one of them.

4. Sparkled French Manicure

Give an instant boost to your nail appeal by going for sparkled French manicure through this easy party nail art.


5. Polka Dot Nails

Spotting the polka dots nail designs is easy, but what certainly is an eye-stopper is that one nail painted in steel grey colour.

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6. Naughty Neon Nails

Neon Nails are wonderful for nail art home parties and gatherings. With this easy party nail art you can dazzle the world easily.


7. Bold Is The Nude

Just like you invest in nude makeup, do the same with your nails. Wearing nude nails design is not only easy party nail art, but can be safely adopted as nail art for wedding party.


8. Mint Nails

Feel mint-fresh excitement on your delicate nails as you wear it in the form of party nail ideas.


9. Blue And White Mani Look

For once you will feel nice looking blue as you wear blue and white combo as party nail art at home.


10. Bow-Tie Manicure

Love the bow tie on him? Even you can go for it in the form of party nail design.




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