10 Simple Acrylic Nail Art Designs for Beginners

10 Simple Acrylic Nail Art Designs for Beginners

I remember when I grew up that there were not many things that women did with their simple acrylic nail art designs. Usually you just paint on some conservative polishing tones for a clean look, and that’s it. Fortunately, we live in much more expressive times now, and the art of nails has become so much more than it was before! We see so many colors and amazing drawings; It’s just an explosion of creativity!

I want to share 10 of the best simple acrylic nail art designs with you but first I realize that some of you may not be all that familiar with acrylic nails. They are one of the most popular nail treatments that you can get, but if you have never tried it, you may not be familiar with the benefits.

First, what are acrylic nails? Acrylic is a protective coating which is applied using a powdered polymer and a liquid monomer. As the coating is exposed to air, it dries and hardens.

1. Black and gold glitter


Instead of plain old black nail polish, why not jazz things up a bit? This acrylic nail design has a simple, sophisticated elegance to it that I just love. The gold glitter contrasts beautifully with the black backdrop.

2. Dainty and feminine

Dainty and feminine


I love the soft pastel delicacy of this look! Somehow it seems like if they had nail art a few centuries back, this is what upper-class women would have worn to their fancy tea parties.

3. Stamped nail designs

Stamped nail designs

This is an extremely elaborate looking style, but the intricacy is not actually all that difficult to achieve since it is done through stamping. You can learn the technique quickly and easily using a few basic tutorials.

4. Simple green ombre tips with dainty flowers

Simple green ombre tips with dainty flowers

Here is an acrylic nail look which is simple and elegant and also understated. You have an ombre fade with pale green tips, and some pastel pink and white flowers. This is one of those looks that would still be great as your nails start to grow out.

5. Simple, bright flower designs

Simple, bright flower designs

Looking for acrylic nail designs for summer? This fun, simple, bright and cheerful design includes white and pink as base colors, and includes some cute blossom designs on alternating nails.

6. Subtle chevron designs

Subtle chevron designs

Chevron designs are very popular for acrylic nails. This nail design includes white and pink as the base colors, and subtle chevrons with sparkles. One reason I like this design is because it is understated.

7. Pretty in plaid

Pretty in plaid

These nails are totally awesome! She did such a neat job on the plaid designs; they look perfect. I love that purple color too; it has such an incredible shine, and the silver sparkles offset it perfect. These colors also complement the natural color used for the rest of the nail quite nicely.

8. More subtle chevron designs

More subtle chevron designs

This is another simple design featuring chevrons in pastel hues, except this time instead of pale pink, we are looking at pale blue. The sparkles add a nice touch.

9. Elegant and understated

Elegant and understated

This understated look uses similar colors to the one above, but I love it even more. We have a couple of shades of light blue-green which are very subtly distinct from one another, white, and silver. The patterns are simple and elegant, and the metallic silver stripes give a nice “pop” to a look which is otherwise very clean and simple.

10. Amazing aquatic tips

Amazing aquatic tips

I’m not really sure how else to describe these nail art designs, except as “amazing aquatic tips.” They just give the effect of being underwater to me with those warm blue tones and bubbles and swirls.

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