10 Simple Nail Art Designs for Short Nails Tutorials Step by Step

10 Simple Nail Art Designs for Short Nails Tutorials Step by Step

Here we have to show how to designs Simple Nail Art Designs for Short nails tutorials step by step. Like to keep your nails short, but have no idea how to style them? Believe me, this post will be your savior. Who says you can not do nail art on short nails? No matter the size of the canvas, art is always possible. This is precisely what makes it art!

Short nails are so much easier to maintain. My nails are pretty brittle, so I understand the battle of not being able to cultivate them. Even though my nails are short, I like to indulge in a bit of nail art. So if you are interested in the same, keep reading as we guide you through these simple DIY arts nails!

1. Turquoise And Gold Nails

Turquoise And Gold Nails

Get the appearance of beautiful turquoise and gold stones on your nails with this manicure. All that you need is a turquoise polish, a gold polish, and a plastic wrap. After applying the turquoise, apply some of the gold onto a crushed plastic wrap and dab slightly onto your nails to create the desired effect.

2. Graffiti Nail Art

Graffiti Nail Art

Simplicity is style. This gold and black dual tone manicure is quite easy to achieve and doesn’t require any special tools. To create this graffiti nail art look, wipe off excess nail polish from the brush and swipe on random stripes onto your black painted nails.

3. Pinstripe Nails

Pinstripe Nails

Pinstripes, once upon a time, was synonymous with office. But now, it is being incorporated in everyday outfits with utmost ease.

4. Heart Inception Nail Art

Heart Inception Nail Art

Spread some love with hearts on your nails. This manicure can be done simply by drawing one heart within another, using different shades of pink.

5. Ruffian Manicure Tutorial

Ruffian Manicure Tutorial

Doesn’t this look both chic and quirky? You can create this look quite quickly! All you need is two nail polish colors of your choice. Use one color to paint your entire nail. With the second color, paint almost all of the nail leaving some space near the cuticle. Finish it off with a top coat and that’s it! You are good to go!

6. Monochrome Peek-a-Boo Nail Art

Monochrome Peek-a-Boo Nail Art

To say that I love anything in monochrome is a massive understatement. These are colors that work for any season and with any trend. You can’t go wrong with black and white. All you need to do for this manicure is paint your nails white and outline a curved crescent as shown in the image.

7. Geometric & Roses Nail Art Tutorial

Geometric & Roses Nail Art Tutorial

Perfect for the spring and summer, this nail art requires a little patience and precision. Using white as a base for all the nails, take some light pink and wipe away the excess with a thin brush. Create small circles gently so that it appears soft against the white base. With the help of striping tape, create random lines so that when painted over an olive nail polish, it results in geometric patterns. Use the same olive polish to create soft leaves for the flowers, and you are done!

8. Parisian Nails

For this Parisian nail manicure, you will need two polishes, one black and the other a very pastel peach. Paint all the nails pastel peach, except the accent nail. That will need to be painted black. Create polka dots on the accent nail with the peach color.

9. Pink Lace Nail Art For Short Nails

Pink Lace Nail Art For Short Nails

For this look, begin by painting your nails with two variations of pink. On the lighter pink shade, use a nail striper dipped in white polish to create a checkered pattern. Do this on the outer corner of the nail.

10. Ombre Nail Art

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