10 Wedding Nail Art Ideas That Are Perfect for Your Big Day

Wedding Nail Art Ideas:

Wedding Nail Art Ideas

You have the dress, the veil, the place – and the partner, of course. But what do you do with your nails? For some brides, the art of floral nails is the perfect choice, while others prefer glittering. Whatever type of bride you are, you are sure to find a suitable design here.

1.Blooming Orchids:

Blooming Orchids

Orchids symbolize love, beauty and strength – what could be more perfect for your wedding day? The fact that each nail is a continuation of the last design makes this really unique.

2.Blue Skies:

Blue SkiesIf you are a prominent bride who always wants to keep things in pastel, try an angular cut design with a blue shade hue towards the tips.

3.Sparkling Stripes

Sparkling Stripes

Sometimes the simplest geometric designs are all you need to make a bold statement. This gorgeous manicure has a pink bare base and a single gold strip on each nail, which will coordinate beautifully with gold or pink gold jewelry.

4.A Touch of Pearl:

A Touch of Pearl

At first glance, this manicure resembles a simple pale pink and white look, but when you get closer you will see sublime and subtle textures.

5.Delicately Dotted

Delicately Dotted

When you think that “wedding”, your first thought might not be “polka dots”, but this delicate pastel design might be the perfect choice for all close-ups of your wedding rings.



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