Cherry blossoms have different meanings but in Japanese culture, it is a symbol for samurai. These soldiers are chivalrous, brave, courageous and noble and the cherry blossom tattoo on the spine has also been affiliated with these meanings.

Touch of Delicateness

Tattoos, although very versatile, are usually associated with men. These are the stereotypes, but that is what ordinary people think. They think of these robust and macho designs that we commonly see on robust and macho men on TV shows with swollen muscles and filled with tattoos from head to toe. The popular culture gave us that image and it stayed a while with most of us.

However, these tattoos are not just for men. Nowadays, more and more people are opening up to the culture of making a tattoo. It is not only for tradition or to show you that you are difficult, these are not just designs designed for hard men. These tattoos tell stories and show support for various causes. These tattoos have now become a part of the art world as it should be long. Now, women might be able to enjoy delicate tattoos that show their femininity. There are many designs to choose from; Some are more delicate, while others can show your inner strength. Some are abstract with hidden stories while some show the clear message as spring water. But the best of these designs are the ones you know you will be speaking for you no matter what kind and age group you belong to.

SpineTattoos for Women

Tattoos of the spine have become a popular choice for women. The spine is a truly fragile part of the human body. It’s right in the middle of our back from the top of our neck to our buttocks. Once that stops, it could kill us or paralyze us. As for the importance of the spine, and as delicate as it is, it is the ideal place for tattoos in women. The placement could mean totally relaying how strong you are but fragile. But if you are not someone who likes to give cryptic messages, the area of ​​the spine is still an ideal place for tattoos. When you want a discretionary power for work or school, you can completely occupy it with your clothes. But you can spread it out with fashionable clothes when it comes to casual days or you can show off items. If you’ve been thinking about getting a cool and unique tattoo, why not go for a tattoo of the spine? Here are some wonderful inspirations for the women there (who knows, you will want too)!


This wonderful tribal tattoo may or may not make sense, but one thing is for sure; This shows the delicacy or body of a woman and it is nice to watch.

Watercolor spine tattoo


This vintage style, the hyper realistic pink tattoo is perfect for a tattoo of the spine. Roses means love and one way or another, the spine can mean life. So, this might want to love your life if you want to be dramatic. But it is elongated and a form formable enough to win its place.



Watercolor tulip tattoo -Flower spine tattoo



Blue Dream


Flower spine tattoo


This beautiful flower tattoo is perfect for tattooing the spine. The flowers themselves are placed in the upper part of the back so you can spread it easily with some type of clothing. The stems could then describe your spine.


Sometimes, tattoo designs do not need a defined shape or image. This beautiful style of watercolor smoke of different colors proves that.



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