5 Simple Tips To Make Your Mehndi Darker

Make Your Mehndi Darker

Mehndi, also known as henna, has been an ancient tradition in many Asian and Persian countries. Women use henna to form complex patterns to decorate their hands and feet to mark special occasions or simply look fashionable.

As a bride nearly 6 years ago, my concern was “Will I have a dark henna spot”? Many girls are sure to refer to this. Add to this the tale of the old woman who “goes darker your mehndi, the more your husband will love you”. Every girl’s dream indeed. While this may be a folklore that has no meaning in reality, we all want mehndi on our palms and feet to watch its best glorious during our special day. And why not? This is once in life for most women and they have every right to be stunning and to steal the show.

So, what do you need to do to get that shiny mehndi shade? Here are some tips we have gathered from among many beautiful fashionistas, which will confirm that these tips work. Try them a few weeks before D-Day to make sure they are working on you. Learn how to get the dark color of Mehndi on the hands!

1. Clean Your Hands Before Applying Mehndi:

1. Clean Your Hands Before Applying Mehndi

Many have the habit of applying mehndi on dirty hands. Clean your hands with a mild cleanser, then start the mehndi. Do not apply lotion or oil before applying mehndi on your palms.

2. Use Sugar and Lemon Tonic:

2. Use Sugar and Lemon Tonic

For the mehndi to stay longer on your palms, prepare a solution of lemon and sugar beforehand. When the mehndi dries on your palms, soak a cotton in the solution and gently clean it on your mehndi. The sticky sugar will make the mehndi stay longer on your hand which intensifies the color of your mehndi.

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3. Don’t Use Water on Your Hands:

3. Don’t Use Water on Your Hands

After cleaning the mehndi, do not use water on this hand. Rub both your hands together to get rid of the mehndi. Do not use water.

4. Take Steam Using Cloves

Mehndi Darker

When you remove your mehndi, take 5 cloves and roast it on a tawa. When the fumes come out, place your hands over the cloves. Do not touch cloves as it may burn your hands.

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5. Mustard Oil

Make Your Mehndi Darker

After removing the mehndi, apply mustard oil on your hands. The heat of the oil will make your mehndi dark and intense.

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