5 Easy Nail Art Designs Step by Step at Home

Nail art has become such an important part of life that young girls can’t imagine to live with unpainted nails. Even young little girls want to have cute nail art on their nails. If you are also a young girl or a beginner in nail art world then you will find my today’s post very helpful. I am going to share Easy Nail art Designs step by step which could be made without professional tools and expertise. So no matter your natural nails are short or long you could try out these nail designs for beginners at home. These nail art tutorials will not only save your money and time but if made from heart they will look cuter as well.

I added very cute simple and easy basic nail designs that could be made very easily in no time. Try these nail designs on natural nails initially, after some time you might try these designs on acrylic nails as well. Let’s go to nail didactics for beginners.

Easy Nail Art Designs Step By Step At Home


Here I have added a few simple steps and simple step by step nail art that you could try at home without using professional tools and tricks. Just use nail art sheets, nail art ribbon, teeth, etc. to make these simple nail art designs at home. Use glitter, rhinestones and nail art stickers to enhance the beauty of your nail art designs.

Here are some of the finest nail art designs that are very easy to make at home. Nail art drawings given below are made with basic techniques shown in the tutorials step by step art nail art shown above. Most of the nail designs I’ve added below are made with the striping technique.

1. Cute Nail Art Design Step by StepCute Nail Art Designs Step by Step

2. White, Orange and Yellow Nail Art Step by StepWHITE, ORANGE AND YELLOW NAIL TUTORIAL

3. Easy Floral Nail Art Step by StepEasy-floral-nail-art

4. Heart Nail Art Design Step by StepHeart-nail-art-for-beginners-step-by-step

5. Xoxo Nail Art Design Step by StepXOXO NAIL ART

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