5 Easy Nail Art ideas for Beginners To Do At Home

From basic styles to more creative and unique styles – we take a look at Easy nail art ideas. Hands are one of the most important and beautiful assets of a woman – and they also happen to be one of the first things men notice about women! This is why it is important for your nails to be clean, properly maintained and freshly painted, not only for special events and occasions – but all the time! If you have a busy work schedule and you cannot afford to waste two or three hours at the nail salon, then here you will find more nail designs that you can do yourself, in the privacy of your own home. Fast forward to today where there are a lot more women in the work force and longer nails are not necessarily always practical. Maintaining them for one thing can be hard enough work itself.

Thankfully though when we do want luscious long finger nails we can get fake ones these days, if the occasion should call for it. However that is not what we are discussing today. We would like to take a look at how even with short or regular length fingernails, you can still decorate them to look flattering and beautiful.

Easy Nail Art Ideas for Beginners

Today, we are introducing you with various ideas of decorating your short nails with easy nail art designs. The perfect kind of nail art meant for you is DIY. This nail art possess so easy, perennial and interesting nail designs that you can even carry out at your home. This nail art will leave you with spectacular results that will leave you no longer envious of long nails.

Here are some of the pictures depicting DIY nail designs. We hope that you will like them and can even get some inspiration to try some of them on your own nails.

1. Best Bridal Nail Art For Beginners

Best Bridal nail Art

2. Blue Ombre Nail Art for BeginnersBlue Ombre Nail Art

3. Stencil Star Fashion Nail Art for BeginnersStencil star fashion nail art

4. Vintage Style Party Nail Designvintage style party Nail Design

5. Easy Heart Nail Art IdeasSimple-Winter-Nail-art-Ideas

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