Top 10 Easy Mehndi Design ideas for every occasion

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Present days especially ladies are looking for latest fashion designs for hands, eyes, legs, etc., Mehndi design coloring your hands and legs with gorgeous looking. So, searching about latest mehndi design models are increasing day by day. We are noticed that and collected popular and present trending simple and beauty mehndi designs for ladies. Checking out the top 10 latest mehndi designs and try them now to beauty your hands. Model girls must concentrate on best suitable beautiful henna designs, so, these may useful for girls who are fashion lovers because they want to look perfect.

Mehndi Design


Top Mehndi Designs 2017

Mehndi Designs are not only for beauty but also show the tradition of regions. Mehndi design makes feel good and make happiness. Especially brides are decorating their hands and legs with mehndi designs. You can download top 10 latest collections of simple mehndi designs 2016-17 here.

While Punjabi designs are unique, they are not exclusive to Punjab Mehndi design, at least not anymore. The provincial mehndi designs for girls in India have all combined, evolved and have one become a mixture of different cultures and traditions.

So a Gujarati bride might sport a Rajasthani Mehndi design and a South Indian bride may be seen having an Arabic mehndi design. This combination of art had an interesting effect on the designs and has helped them evolve into our present modern Indian Mehndi design.

Beautiful Henna Designs:

This wrap around mehndi on the feet is a sight to see, because when have your feet ever looked so pretty? Perfect for a marriage or sangeet event, giving a Diwali festive feel too. Absolute favourites of all the brides-to-be. This design takes a while to complete but as you can see, the end result is mind blowing. Save this design right away!

Mehndi is the traditional approach to adornment in India, and a wedding ceremony is incomplete without its application. Even in this contemporary world, brides are eagerly awaiting the Mehndi ceremony.

Nowadays, it is quite ubiquitous and is gaining popularity all over the world. The henna used in mehndi gives a unique color and smell that is admired by all. Also, mehndi has been proven to be beneficial for health.

There are many talented mehndi design artists in India. With the temptation and the growing trend, the artists of mehndi continuously improve their skills and expect innovation.

Every woman swears by mehndi, if you have to look ethnic for an important ritual then without mehndi the look will be absolutely incomplete. Mehndi is not just has been loving for its beauty.

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