5 Simple And Easy Ways To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Simple Small Bathroom Tips

The bathroom is a place where you enjoy a relaxing and refreshing bath, so all bathrooms should be constructed in a comfortable way. Many people regret that they have small bathrooms. For these people, there is good news, you can now make sure your little bathroom is bigger by following some simple and simple ideas. The article mentioned below provides details on 11 simple and simple ways to make a smaller bathroom larger. Check the item carefully and follow the ideas for your bathroom to be larger.


Keep all the same tone / color / value as much as you can.
For example: Do not have dark walls and bright tiles (or vice versa),
as this will reduce the space, visually, and make it appear smaller.

Keep all the same tone / color /

However, if you want some contrast, limit it to something that is more an object in space, such as a low cabinet or a light fixture. Then, this object will appear as a characteristic, while all the rest will shrink and melt into a backdrop. In this case: recession = expansion (of space).


Paint the ceiling the color of the walls

Especially if your ceiling is tilted or has strange shaped low areas.
Paint everything, a unifying color will make these unusual shapes disappear, and space will grow visually. It reduces the number of transitions and intersecting planes, creating a cleaner, more expansive upper space in the room. Sometimes I will light a lighter on a flat ceiling because the ceilings have always read a little darker than the walls anyway. This will give the same effect.

Paint the ceiling the color of the walls


Blend the tile color and wall color

The mixture of the tile on the wall doubles your space in a small bathroom.
Imagine a tile with a contrasting color in this shower shown on the left. Visually, it would reduce the size of the bathroom in two, making the shower a separate space. By mixing the color / value of the tile with the wall, everything will be read as a larger room.

TIP #3 - Blend the tile color and wall color


Go BIG on the mirrors..

Nothing makes a bathroom larger than a mirror that reaches the ceiling. Detached in wood or tile, a large and expansive mirror with lighting installed on top, or hung in front of it, will double the impact of light and increase space.
Do not use double mirrors on sink side by side either. Again, this will reduce space.

TIP # Go BIG on the mirrors


Go for plenty of natural light.

Natural light in a main bathroom is always desirable. After all, nothing beats the feeling of walking in a bathroom in the morning and the glorious sun is there to welcome you! (This also helps you with your makeup).
I’ve seen many bathrooms with windows covered with shutters, or some kind of window cover obscured, to create privacy, and either approach is like a window! Instead, cover a window with a translucent window shade or a tinted glass on your toned – this way you can have natural light and privacy!
If you do not have a window, consider a solatube, or a kind of dormer to bring natural light into space. To the right, you will see how the translucent shades of Hunter Douglas have been used to ensure privacy and let light enter.

Simple Small Bathroom Tips

The bathroom above uses several of the tips I mentioned in this publication.
The tile corresponds to the wall to create an appearance without visibility. And it goes up to the ceiling in the shower and does not stop.
The contrast in the room is in the wardrobe and the mirror, which makes them pull back and the walls back up.
A mirror is used in sinks side by side, so the space does not appear even broken anymore.

These bathrooms in the pictures here are luxurious bathrooms. Although they do not seem small, they nevertheless use the same principles used for the bathrooms to appear larger and more spacious. These same tips can be used to work in smaller and thinner bathrooms.

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